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Top 10 Best Women’s Wool Sweaters in 2020 (H&M, Topshop, and More)

With temperatures dropping, we’re all reaching for our favorite sweaters. There’s nothing better than a cozy wool sweater – slip it on and curl up with a good book or while enjoying a good movie. With a wide variety of sweaters to choose from, it may take some time to come to a decision. That’s […]

Top 10 Best Women’s Denim Skirts in 2020 (H&M, Urban Outfitters, and More)

We’re all trying to hang on to the last rays of sunshine and flash a bit of leg where we can. However, wearing summery pieces may look a bit strange; not to mention how cold you might be! This is where the denim skirt comes in handy. The thick and weighty material is the ideal […]

SEO Guidelines For Beginners In 2020

With SEO becoming more and more important in our everyday lives, taking time to sit down and learn the ins and outs of SEO may be daunting. Explaining SEO to a potential client who doesn’t understand it or trying to figure out how it works, without listening to long lectures and technical terms is even […]

How to Become a Copywriter When you Don’t know Anything.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And with everyone trying to generate income from home to keep themselves afloat, it’s not shocking that more and more people are looking into copywriting. Copywriting can be used as a freelance side gig or a full-time job that allows you to have more flexible hours. SO, instead of […]

Top 10 Best Women’s Wool Cardigans in 2020

The classic knitted cardigan is a staple in everyone’s closet. This is an ideal outerwear piece that can take you through the most unpredictable transitional seasons. Wear it during fall when the day starts off warm and ends cold. Wear it over a printed tee or a formal blouse, and pair it with denim for […]

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